How To Avoid Theft Within Your Company?

Running a multinational cooperation is not a piece of cake. With the massive number of employees and the number of sectors run by different managers, there is a lot that can go wrong and a lot that must be looked into. Since, corruption and theft is inevitable in large business firms, here are a few tips to reduce the chances of it happening or diminishing it altogether.

Monitor them at all times

Now this is no mystery that each area of the office building must be under surveillance at all times. Employees who are aware of the exact areas where each camera is placed may attempt to disconnect them before committing any theft. Therefore, it is best to place certain hidden cameras which no employees are aware about, in order to monitor them at all times and catch any act of corruption that may occur. In addition, you must monitor their behavior and any change noticed must be looked into immediately as it could be an indication that something is wrong.

Store documents safely

Leaking important files and documents that are crucial for the company’s reputation and success, can cause a major loss to the business. Rival companies may send certain spies or workers with the intention of stealing valuable documents. Therefore, it is important to purchase safes for storage of these files within these safes with a secure password that cannot be accessed by any of the employees.

Monitor the accounts

The most common form of employee theft or fraud have been noted amongst employees who handle the accounts department. Amongst the major money transfers that they handle, if a minute amount from each transfer is transferred to their account, it can result in a huge amount over time, thus being quite beneficial to them and causing the company a major loss in the long run. So, it is always important to monitor the workers at the accounts department.

Set strict rules

Every company must establish a set of rules and code of conduct that the employees must adhere to at all times. Any staff member that breaks a rule must be reprimanded and strict action must be taken against them immediately, in order to set an example for the future employees who would fear the same consequences. Certain cabins must be off limits and those who have a special pass must be allowed into these areas. Hire commercial locksmiths Adelaide to create special locks for rooms that require high security.

Regardless of how many interviews and screenings an individual has to go through before being hired by the company, there are bound to be a few ‘black sheep’ who will go unnoticed and end up being hired. Therefore, it is important to constantly check on the employees to spot the ones who may pose as a threat to the company and get rid of them immediately.

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